Through the Summertime Service Radio you have the opportunity to pause and listen to the Word of the Creator even after Summer Services.

In the time between Summer Services and Opisto Services there will be live studio broadcasts daily from 2PM to 8PM until the beginning of August. The program consists of archived sermons, reading of the Bible and program reruns. The archived sermons have been recorded at earlier Summer Services, Opisto Services and at local congregations. When the live studio broadcast is on pause, music from SRK recordings will be played. Evening devotions always conclude the daily broadcast.

From the Summertime Service Radio you will hear broadcasts from the Summer Services in North America (July 10–11) and service programs from Sweden (July 17–18). Opisto Services will be also available as follows; Jämsä (July 23–25), Ranua (July 30–August 1) and Reisjärvi (August 6–8).

You can listen to comforting, relaxing and diverse programming all summer!