The international mission work on the Summertime Service Radio (Kesäseuraradio) aims to make the message of God’s Kingdom available for people all over the world in their own language. 

The upcoming Summer Services this weekend will be interpreted into many languages. The following weekend, the Laestadian Lutheran Church (LLC) summer services in the US will be broadcasted, and on the weekend thereafter, the recordings from Sveriges Fridsföreningars Centralorganisation’s (SFC Sommarmötet) summer services in Sweden will also be broadcasted via Kesäseuraradio.

The international services programs and the interpreted sermons will be made available here: 

The online Kesäseuraradio can be found here:

See the upcoming LLC services program on Kesäseuraradio here:

The SFC Sommarmötet program on Kesäseuraradio will also be added here shortly.